Partner Organizations



 Lindblad-National Geographic Fund (LEX-NG Fund). In 2010, the LEX-NG Fund agreed to a large, three-year grant to establish a need-based scholarship program (the LEX-NG Scholars Program) and to finance educational improvements at the School. The grant resulted in transformational changes, including greater access for students from financially challenged families and significant improvements in education quality. LEX-NG agreed to a second three-year grant in 2012, which continued the Scholars Program and allowed additional program enhancements. In late 2014, the LEX-NG Fund committed to increasing its support of our programs through a one-year renewable grant.

 Galapagos Conservancy (GC). In 2011, GC responded to a request from the Scalesia Foundation to assemble a team of educators to conduct an external review of the school and to facilitate a strategic planning process. Since that time, GC and the Scalesia Foundation have worked closely on school improvement projects, building local and national support for a regional school improvement program, and fundraising. To learn more about Galapagos Conservancy and its programs, click here.

 School collaborators. The Tomás de Berlanga School carries out cooperative activities with a number of schools in Latin America and the United States, including the Colegio Menor de San Francisco (Ecuador), the American School of Quito (Ecuador), the American School of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Cologio Emei (Argentina), and others.

 University collaborators. The Scalesia Foundation is fortunate to count on the support of educators at a wide range of universities including Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Stanford University, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of North Carolina, Southern Methodist University and Columbia University. For biographies of these collaborators, visit the Education Advisors section of this website.