Funding Model


Funding model

Over the past 20 years the Scalesia Foundation’s Tomás de Berlanga School has steadily grown from a handful of students in a few lower grades with an operating budget of a few thousand dollars, to a K-12 school with 190 students and a $900,000 budget.

The Scalesia Foundation believes that funding from sources other than tuition is necessary at any school dedicated to academic excellence and socioeconomic diversity. This is especially true given the Governmental limits placed on what the school is allowed to charge and the relatively few parents in the community able to pay more than the current tuition of $300/month. External donations and other sources of earned income must play a part of the school’s business model.

 We believe that a sustainable funding scenario for the school is one in which the school generates approximately 70% of its income from parent-paid tuition and 30% from a combination of donations and earned income. Uncertainty will be lessened when donor income comes from a diverse base of contributors as is consistently improving over the past four years and outlined above.

 During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Tomás de Berlanga operates through a combination of income from parent-paid tuition (approximately 72% ), donations (27%) and earned income (1%). We are committed to increasing both the number of donors and overall donations, and to explore new income-generating activities, such as student and teacher exchanges and the provision of English classes to the local community.

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